Web Design Critique: ProTEFL

Today, we are reviewing ProTEFL’s website content and design.

About the company

ProTEFL is the number one TEFL company in Thailand. The company was established in 2002 under the United States Thailand Amity Treaty. They started as a recruitment agency specializing in placing TEFL students and eventually added a teacher training division that incorporates the requirements of all the schools where their students are placed.

Website Content


The home page sets the tone of what you expect in a website. This is the key page that either captures prospective clients or turns them off resulting to them leaving the website without looking further at what the site has offer.

For this website, it certainly did its purpose of capturing the audience’s interest. Their homepage greets you with a very enticing set of images allowing a glimpse into what you will experience when you partner with them to pursue a dream to teach english in Thailand. The pictures add to the allure of going to Thailand and this dream.

There are also various sections that provide information of what the company is about as well as their services.

Gallery Page

A gallery page is a must if a site wants to entice people in taking this huge leap of going to another country to teach. Their gallery page has tons of pictures of people that took that huge leap. This puts would-be clients at ease to see many people ahead of them availing of ProTEFL’s services.

Testimonial Page

If the gallery page is still not enough, they also have a dedicated page for testimonials of previous students. This gives you a more personal sense that they really enjoyed their time when they availed the site’s services. There are quotes and also video testimonials which I like.

Website Design

In today’s fast paced technology driven industry where cell phones are dominating web browsing, a website must be accessible and easy to use in these devices. ProTEFL’s website is designed to be responsive. This gives the website the ability to adjust to whatever screen size a phone has.

In addition, the site’s navigation is simple yet it is very crisp, clean and easy to navigate. The transition to the submenus is also very fluid.


Overall, the website accomplishes what a website should be. The design attracts potential customers; the various web pages provide information that a potential customer needs; and contact information is easy to spot.