Web Design Critique: Pink Caviar Events

“Allow us to create an event of understated elegance for you”, are the words that one might expect entering the site of Pink Caviar Events, a Sydney wedding planner, with a fanciful, straightforward name, one that tells you exactly what you’re dealing with. This straightforward approach is one that the site uses heavily in its design, though it may have gone too far with that.

The site wastes little time with unnecessary fluff, which is its greatest strength; it tells you what you want to know without having to scroll through information you’re not interested in. The menu bar is clean; immediately giving you contact information as well as links to the site’s other pages as well as the official social media pages.  The lack of a header, though, does come across as a bit odd, though the site does a good job of making it work, all things considered.

The text is delivered plainly, professionally, with some additional comments here and there that stop them from coming across as robotic. The links in the text are, appropriately enough, coloured bright neon pink, which helps them stand out amidst the white background. Well, most of the time; some of the links use a really light shade of pink, close to white, so they can be hard to distinguish sometimes from the white background.

Images featuring welcoming sights like a bride and groom smiling at their wedding crowd, or a group of friends making faces for their commemorative photo. These not only help you tell what page you’re in, but they also lend the content a humanizing element. The photos themselves aren’t large enough to be obstructive.

As mentioned before clean, clear white background lies behind thesite’s content, giving it an air of professionalism and, again, straightforwardness. It makes for great contrast with the splashes of colour and vibrancy from the pink links and the images the site uses as visual aids, but there’s a bit of a catch.

The Sydney wedding planner has its site end on the words, “Allow us to create an event of understated elegance for you“, and, based on how the site is designed, it seems more than capable of doing so. The problem lies in the fact that those aforementioned pink links and images are the only splashes of colour you’ll see throughout the pages. There’s no header, the menu bar’s white too, so that doesn’t have colour, and there’s no images flanking the sides of the main content. The straightforward text is well-done, little issue there, but a bit more imagery and vibrancy would do the site wonders.