Web Design Critique: Perth Web Design

My first impression of Perth Web Design’s web site is: it is design and content perfected.

The whole theme of the site is very modern and elegant. The color combination of a black background and blue, white and grey texts really work well together.

The site does well in transitioning sections in the home page. From the visual skyline image to information about the company to the services they offer, everything looks clean and well put together.

They also showcase case studies and their company portfolio. These are particularly helpful for potential clients who want to have a feel of how they do their services through seeing the previous sites they have done.

There are three things I love about their site.

In the homepage, we can see a counter of their current number of team members, the happy clients they served and cups of coffee they devoured. That is so clever to add a counter for coffee.

The second thing I love about the site is the About Us page. When we click About Us pages, we normally see a boring description of the company and what they do. For Perth Web Design, they added a section about their team. Here we can see pictures of their employees, their roles and some details about their hobbies and likes. This is something that can say a lot about how proud they are of their team.

The third thing I love about their site is the location map they have included some pages. It is one thing to note that only a few sites include a map to their location. On the Contact page, there is also information about their opening days and hours.

I also checked the responsiveness of their site. The site is viewable not only in desktop computers and laptops but also in tablets and mobile devices. The viewing experience is no less than great. On smaller devices, there are no issues with the navigation, images and content display. This is particularly important nowadays since smartphones are becoming the first method of getting on the web.

If you need to avail of web design services, Perth Web Design can be accessed through www.webdesignperth.com.au.