Web Design Critique: Orisoft

Thailand and Malaysia’s pride, Orisoft, is the provider of payroll management system and other company solutions to businesses small or big. Its payroll management system is designed to make operation easier, more efficient and to save time. It departs from the traditional manual method of payroll management because the system is integrated as one with the help of UnifiedPAY. Let us move on to critiquing the company website.

Are there any calls to action? This is one thing that should be present in a professional website that was designed by an expert. Without these, a website will not be an effective medium and the conversion rate will be low or even nonexistent. With Orisoft, the homepage has calls to action in the form of the links provided at the top of the page. There is also a link for “discover more” in the animated header image. Aside from these, services are also highlighted in the contents along with accompanying thumbnail icons.

Is the contact information provided clearly? Yes, there is a separate Contact page provided. It provides the complete information of both Orisoft branches – Malaysia and Thailand. The complete business addresses are provided for both along with contact number, fax numbers and email addresses. There is a Google Map embedded at the top of the contact details to make it easier for clients to locate their headquarters. At the bottom is a form that can be filled up in case you need to send information or inquire about their products and services.

Is the website professional looking? It cannot be considered minimalistic but it is not crammed either. There is a good balance between the images used, the texts inserted and the white background. There are also icons here and there that add to the interesting elements of the website. Overall, the website exudes a professional vibe.

In conclusion, the website of Orisoft is effective in marketing their payroll management system because the contents clearly showcase what the company does and who are their target customers. The website looks professional, easy to use and navigate and ranks high on the search engine results which adds to its level of credibility.