Web Design Critique: News.com.au

For those that go looking for news about a king kong marketing review or any other topic, ease of access and presentation is key. After all, people want to get their news as quickly and as conveniently as possible. News.com.au got the message well enough; with a straightforward site that only has the absolute essentials for people looking for news.

First off, for those looking for fancy design, this site will not be a good option. News.com.au is all about minimalism, with the news acting as both the core and the spice of the site. Any splash of colour is from images, videos, or headers about news or current events, or the site’s logo, which is always visible on the top of the pages due to being a part of the header bar.

As for the header bar itself, it’s also plain white, with only the logo and the text providing colour. It’s always at the top of the page, following the browser at it scrolls down, constantly providing navigation options and access to the search bar, in case people need to look up a king kong marketing review or the like.

The header bar contains the things one would expect from a news site; links to home page, links to news categories, a search bar for looking stuff up, and a Log In/Sign Up button for subscribers.

Admittedly, the fact that the header bar is also white with only a thin grey line separating it from the body of content does make distinguishing things hard.

As for the body: there’s not much to talk about; as mentioned before, News.com.au provides the news essentials, and not much else. The text is informative, though it feels overlong at times, with images and videos helping out to make things more digestible.

At the bottom of every page are links to News.com.au’s additional pages, like links for those looking to advertise, and information about the site, alongside links to external pages; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the like, For the home page, this is preceded by the site’s listing of the most popular news stories on the site and other papers, like The Australian.

As mentioned before, News.com.au focuses itself on delivering news as efficiently as possible with minimal fluff. It does this well, no doubt, though the site does lack for some identity as a result.