Web Design Critique: jobandwork.asia

First impression

Without the information that you are looking at a Job search site in Thailand, you can easily mistake it for another site because of its design. Unlike other sites where they kept creativity and aesthetics to a minimum, this site has pretty details that easily catch attention. Web design has made a good job of focusing on the introduction so that a visitor will automatically know the purpose of the site. However, there is a feeling that the site wants to impress.


An effective navigation depends on its simplicity meaning the user will not get lost in the website. For a navigation system to be consistent, the navigation bar must be present on all the pages without exception. It is very apparent on this site making it convenient to use even for a first timer. The problem though is having to back click to go back to return to the homepage. Response is immediate when you click on the menu; just a few seconds to obtain more information on other pages. However, a lot of information is available on the homepage as long as you continue on scrolling.


The site is a gold mine of information for a job seeker. It is not simply a directory that lists companies and allows individuals to post their profiles. It is a website with informative content that speaks to the target audience. In spite of the abundance of information, content is easily readable because of the large fonts used on white background. Text is broken into chunks and highlighted in bold headings and sub-headings. Features are emphasized which makes skimming efficient. It is important though to regularly update content with useful information.


Green is very good on the eyes. If you look hard enough there are splashes of color but they are used so effectively so as not to distract attention. Nothing feels boring with the site even if it does not include animation and videos. Looks like the web designers poured in a lot of efforts to make the site look great while the user is looking for information.