Web Design Critique: Isabella Yachts Phuket

When you’re looking for a yacht charter in Phuket, you want to see what sights sailing you’ll be able to enjoy, and the fancy boat you’ll be using to get around the azure seas. Isabella Yachts Phuket apparently got the message, with a visually appealing site.

The first thing that people who visit the site will notice is that it’s got a lot of images, and other media. They’re all very pretty, and do a good job of marketing the island and the company’s many boats. They’re well chosen, informative, and attractive, but there’s so many of them, that the site takes a while to scroll to, and a bit to load for slower connections.

The white and blue colour scheme that the site sports is nice, with hues that give it a relaxing feel. It also echoes the contrast of the sapphire seas with the ivory yachts; vibrant blue colours contrasted with ceramic, pristine white. Though the bright colours definitely could’ve used more contrast with the text, which is dark grey, and can be a little hard to spot.

Speaking of text, the site made the design choice to move any large bodies of text to the bottom of the pages, so people have to scroll down to read. There’s some information before the pictures, but most of the heavy reading is set after all the alluring images. A smart design choice, if a little inconvenient at times.

Notably, the header has a link to all of the company’s destinations, but given that it’s a firm that handles yacht charter in Phuket, and nowhere else, Phuket’s locales are the only destinations; making the drop down tab for that particular link somewhat redundant.

That particular link is located on the header, which is designed to always be at the top of the browser, giving constant access to its navigation options. This is good, seeing as there’s a fair amount of scrolling needed for every page, due to the number and size of the images that the site uses. A few more navigation options could be of use though, for greater convenience.

Overall, the site puts a lot of stock in its visual aids, which makes sense due to the field it’s in. However, there needs to be a bit more on navigation, as well as some polishing and removal of redundancies here and there.