Web Design Critique: http://www.real-estate-thailand.com/

First impression

On one of the most popular searches usually include East Coast Real Estate in Thailand because of the number of condos, luxury homes, single family homes and apartments that are available for sale or for rent. It is therefore critical for real estate websites to create a first impression so that users will continue to browse through the listing. The website looks a little bit cluttered with all the varying colors used. Content is not well organized making it relatively difficult to search for information. Content is scattered all over the place making it highly possible for a user to discontinue with the search for information.


The site lacks a search box which will make navigation user friendly. When a site is heavy with content, a search box is very crucial so that the user can find information quickly and easily. A visitor can easily become frustrated as a consequence of poor navigation design. Instead of a main menu at the top of the page, the site makes use of sidebars that detracts attention from the main content. It is important for a visitor to be able to access information quickly and not to be distracted by too many links. Sometimes a potential visitor will not even notice that there is a special deal being offered like a promotion for a luxury villa because of the great amount of clutter. There is a lot going on in the website from special offers to one stop real estate but it can be too much for a visitor. Navigation must always be clear and consistent to make search easier and simpler.


When content is not organized properly, it is very frustrating to find information. How much harm can color do? Many things can go wrong when you put text on a dark blue background. Many designers would opt to use traditional black text on white background to avoid straining the eyes of visitors. For many visitors, readability makes the difference between continuing with the search and clicking on the return button to access a different website. While important information must be emphasized, it is critical to choose the color scheme properly.