Web Design Critique: https://www.naturalbeautyslimming.com/


One glance and you will easily determine what the website is all about and what it intends to offer to the target audience. The way the site is designed immediately communicates its purpose and what consumers can achieve if they stay long enough on the pages. From the homepage, a consumer looking for weight loss products will immediately be given a choice from different natural supplements that will help achieve the goal of losing a few inches.


The website contains a lot of information that will help a consumer decide. Content is rather easy to understand because text is divided with images to avoid monotony. The use of images in web design is quite good and applied with restraint. The images managed to break up different sections of the page so that content and navigation is more clearly defined. There are links to pages so that consumers will easily find the product they are looking for.


The navigation bar at the top of the page is consistent through all the pages. It is easy and fast to return to the landing page. There are no problems about page loading and this can encourage a visitor to proceed with the search for information contained in the other succeeding pages. Hyperlinks are clear enough to make it easy for a visitor to navigate through the pages. A user can back track with the search and not get lost.


Website design is very effective and user friendly without being overly complicated. Layout is simple on white background which makes reading simple and easy. Even if the website contains a lot of content, there is no clutter that will distract the attention of the visitor from the information provided. The images used help to draw attention and encourage direct users. All in all, design is quite impressive and easy to relate to.

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