Web Design Critique: https://www.geeks2u.com.au/computer-repairs-perth/

The website offers professional and friendly PC repairs in Perth for both homes and offices. The site guarantees response within 60 minutes or less for those who require urgent service as long as the user confirms that he is not a robot. The list of services provided is listed and technicians are willing to help with computer problems that failed to make it to the list.

First impression

The call to action button stands out from everything else that is on the page. In fact, it is the first thing that will greet a user on the homepage. The call to action button encourages a user to perform an action. The size is appropriate for the area and it does not become a distraction. However, there is another option of putting information first before the call to action to ensure conversions. Some may consider the placement of the call to action button as premature but it is a very good method to gain sign-ups. It works well for users who have urgent needs.


The labels in the navigation bar are simple but communicates instantly. At a glance, a user will know which of the labels he is supposed to click to discover more information. Since the focus of web design is to attract computer users, there is no need to use videos and photographs because it is very likely that the target audience has more than enough from social media pages. Users are only interested in a certain topic which is PC repair and they are solely focused on the information that can be provided by the site. They want their questions addressed immediately and their eyes move immediately to the source of information.


Unlike ecommerce sites that need to use images, graphics and videos to show their products and services, PC repair is only required to explain the service that it can provide. There is no need for complexities in design because the user is only interested on a certain topic which is computer repair. The simple words used helps the users understand and visualize the message so that they can make a confident decision immediately.