Web Design Critique: https://exeterorthodontics.com/services/traditional-braces/

The simple but professional design of a website establishes trust among visitors who are searching for braces for teens Harrisburg and orthodontic clinics that offer more affordable prices. Orthodontists have different visitors but most of them are parents looking for treatment to straighten their children’s teeth. There are also adult visitors who want to experience the benefits of braces in improving their smiles and appearance.

In web design, it does not matter who the target audience is; it is important to generate trust by keeping the design simple. Keeping the design simple is a strategy to maximize conversions because it communicates easily without too many distractions. Colorful images and graphics work best for ecommerce sites but not for the orthodontist’s site. Minimalistic sites allow people to find information more quickly without the feeling that the site is actively trying to do so. Call to action is highlighted in ways like Request an Appointment or Find out more about Invisalign Aligners.

One of the effective ways to gain the attention of visitors is to be straightforward with the price of orthodontic treatment. According to Costhelper.com, the standard price of traditional braces in the United States is $4,937 without dental insurance. The website lists down the cost of braces for only $3,995 which means almost a thousand dollars in savings.

Web design does not use any visually appealing color schemes or font variations but the overall simple design makes it more appealing. Effective use of white space focuses on the important information that could influence the visitor to stay longer. The visitor who clicked on the website is most likely looking for information which the website manages to provide.

The use of the 30-second video keeps the visitor interested. It tells a story about orthodontics so that visitors will be influenced to engage with content. The video showcases the features of the service in a fast and convenient way for visitors who cannot be bothered to read text.

Navigation is easy enough for a visitor to find the information they looking for. There are only a few options in the navigation menu that creates a more concise and streamlined user experience.