Web Design Critique: https://affordabledentalsolutions.com

It is common for patients to search for the website of Affordable Dental Solutions Reading before making an appointment. They look for information about the dental clinic particularly the ones that they are not familiar with. It is very likely that the visitors of the website found the dental clinic through a Google search which means that if the visitor does not find the information he seeks, he can easily transfer the search to another dental website.

It is very important for a dentist to have a website because it generates awareness for the brand and the services offered. The site manages to answer most of the important questions of a potential patient from the different services offered, the credentials of the dentists, reviews from previews patients and more. The reviews provide visitors a glimpse on their experience with the dentist.

Content is organized properly making it easy for a visitor to understand the services offered. It is a good trick to provide the prices of the most common dental procedures because it helps the patient make an informed decision. The more affordable fees can encourage a visitor to call and schedule an appointment.

The navigation menu sorts out content into appropriate pages.  Call to action is all over the homepage to easily generate leads and conversions. It is very easy for visitors to be attracted by free consultation meaning that it must be highlighted in the homepage. Instead of “Read our reviews”, it would be more appropriate to put “Get your free consultation today” above the fold. This will gain the attention of visitors who do not like to scroll down the homepage to find more information.

Compelling online videos is more engaging to visitors than tons of text. It is also an easy way for dentists to build an online presence. Web design may not be as appealing as ecommerce sites but the generous use of white colour makes content standout. The use of images was able to add warmth and a welcoming impression which is very crucial to attract more visitors. Because of the web design’s simplicity, it would be easy to update and customize with more relevant content.