Web Design Critique: http://www.latinwomenonline.com/

The site that will be critiqued is a good option for gentlemen all over the world to find latin brides who are gorgeous and seeking a man like you. Thousands of photographs are available that can be easily accessed through a quick search. Who knows, one of these women may be the latin bride you are looking for.

First impression

The website greets visitors with images of gorgeous Latin women who want to find a perfect match. For quick search, the visitor is required to fill up the box for age and weight. This is very effective because you do not have to view hundreds of images to pick someone that interests you. Since registration is free, the website can easily attract the attention of the target audience. There are paid versions to find the perfect match but they are usually viewed with some skepticism because free is always a better alternative. The web designer has certainly done a superb job of introducing the site to impress visitors.


Given the fact that the site has a very simple purpose, there is really no need for a complicated navigation menu like other business sites that offer a range of products or services. However, the web designer still managed to create a navigation menu to break content into several pages. While the navigation menu on top of the homepage is not consistent in the sub-pages, there is always the home button that will ensure you do not get lost. The right side navigation menu is usually intended for users who want to dig deep into the information provided by the website. Benefits of this strategy are usually good with laptops.


Black text on white backgrounds makes reading easier and more effective. Text stands out because of the bold color red scheme that grabs the attention of the visitor. When red is used repetitively instead of another bold color, the design becomes more consistent. Information overload is avoided because text is divided into several sections. The way that information is provided influences the visitor to interact with the site. Nothing about the site feels boring but it cannot be considered as awesome.