Web Design Critique: Greenfields Funerals

Today’s critique of website design will be on the Greenfields Funerals website. More specifically, we will focus on the mobile website as more people use their smartphones for communication nowadays. It should generally be easier to contact these funeral directors in Perth if contact information is easily displayed on the mobile website. To start with, we can see that there aren’t too many differences from the desktop version. On the homepage, all the elements are laid out in almost entirely the same fashion as that on the desktop website. The logo for Greenfields funerals is still present at the top with a green background. Under that, where there were six links to different parts of the website, now exists a drop-down menu. This drop down menu is a good addition to the mobile website, as placing the six links together as was done in the original website would make that space too cramped. Clicking on this drop down menu shows a vertical list of the links to the different parts of the website. The rest of the website follows from the original one, but where there were four horizontally placed image links in the original website, the mobile version uses vertically placed images.

With regards to the design scheme used, the same green and black colour scheme is used. With respect to navigation and ease of use, I would have to recommend using the desktop site. Fewer mouse button presses are required to access different parts of the website and more of the screen is visible there too. On the mobile version more button clicks are required to navigate through the website’s webpages and a lot of scrolling is required to see everything.

The whole point of this website is to enlighten people of the existence of this funerals agency. Thus it makes sense that these funeral directors in Perth display their contact information prominently. This has been done very well in the mobile version of the website as compared to the desktop version. The phone number and email address to contact them are displayed in large lettering across the screen. The phone number can also be copied onto the clipboard and pasted into the dialer application to get the call going. All in all, for the distressed customer looking for funeral services, I would recommend using the mobile website, as the job can get done much faster, but if the client is in a more relaxed state, I would recommend using the desktop version.