Web Design Critique: Good Storage Leeds

First impression
Nobody will be confused about the purpose of Leeds storage. The site appears reliable and friendly and is backed up with a solid call to action. The homepage is always the most important page of a site and the designer has seen to it that is conveys a good impression to the user who is searching for Leeds storage. The site effectively makes use of color, fonts and graphics that is consistent on all the pages.

The links in the navigation bar are self-explanatory and it brings the user to the page he seeks in the shortest time possible. The navigation bar at the top of the homepage is consistent on all pages which means that user will not be confused or get lost while looking for information. Navigation at the bottom of the page allows the user to check on other important details about the site. Navigation is extremely functional and it serves a quick link to more information.

The choice of white and blue is a winner because it is a popular color that is not overly serious or somber. Blue is also the favorite color of more than half of the world’s population because it looks trustworthy and dependable. The extensive use of white as background makes reading relatively easy particularly since the site offers more than the usual information. It is also worth noting that the design is responsive and works well on the small screen of mobile phones and tablet computers. The core message is maintained on the mobile version. On the whole, web design has met its goals rather well.

Content provides a site an opportunity to market its services to the audience that happens to be people who are looking for Leeds storage. High quality content is instantly available for all users and it is interesting enough for a visitor to continue on browsing the site. Content certainly fulfills all the needs of users looking for information. It is not a sales promotion but an effective method of helping a user make an informed decision. It looks like the goal of the web designer is to provide the audience with a discreet and subtle message without being too promotional.