Web Design Critique: Earthwise Hauling

A website is all about sending a message, and representing your brand. Getting the site’s design right is not easy, but EarthwiseHauling.com got a lot of things right.

The site sports a simple green and white color scheme, using different shades of green to create emphasis and highlight different parts of the site. However, unlike a lot of other sites that tend to rely on “white and color” schemes, which end up looking dull and lifeless, EarthwiseHauling.com looks vibrant by virtue of having a good smattering of color thanks to visual media, varying font colors (in shades of green), and good images and footing.

The visual media across the site are also dynamic, as they move around and reactive to visitors. For example, the header image at the Home page stars out without the moving van, which then “zooms in” after a few seconds. The medal that’s part of the online special offer is also hovering, bobbing up and down a bit to draw attention. Even as you scroll down, the other elements and bits of the site follow the same design idea.

As for layout, the site’s got a good layout, with the main menu using dropdown menus, and staying on top of the browser. It has all the info you’ll need to contact the company, and easily navigate the site with little issue. Notably, the site is slow to scroll down when using the mouse wheel, and the scroll bar, probably as a deliberate design decision, as it sticks to the rhythm of the site’s design element and media.

The content’s nice and solid; properly informative, without feeling dull, short, or overwhelming, with good use of bulleting, and paragraphs that aren’t too lengthy. The site clearly understands what online reviews mean, as they have reviews and testimonials posted around the site, particularly at the bottom of every page. Given how good these are for lead generation, one can hardly blame them.

The images and videos have their own separate page, which keeps them from flooding and bloating the other pages, and makes it easy to find proof of the company’s handiwork, which is convenient. It’s also part of the main menu, so it’s easy to get to.

Overall, the site is well-designed, well thought out, and well executed. Most sites that sport for such a simple layout tend to overdo it, coming out dull and overly-professional, but EarthwiseHauling.com managed to avoid that pitfall.