Web Design (Critique): Crewdo

Crewdo is an online marketing company based in Melbourne, Australia. They are offering services to business owners within Australia and New Zealand. The business started because of friends who are asking for help to succeed in their own businesses until it has evolved into an online service company that specializes in online marketing. One of the perks of visiting the website is that guests can download a guide in marketing for free.

Loading. Loading time is fast. The homepage has the company logo on the top left with a large banner showcasing the company’s tagline. The homepage features the services offered by the company as well as their expert blogs, broker nation and marketing nation. Broker nation is dedicated for the insurance industry while marketing nation target business owners, entrepreneurs as well as marketers. Link to the latest blog posts of both blogs can be seen at the bottom of the homepage.

Navigation. The Navigation Menu is located at the top right part of the website which is easy for visitors to locate. Upon clicking the link, users will see a dropdown menu with a list of pages and subpages within the website.

Website design. The company logo is a shade of blue. The same color scheme can be found in the different pages of the site. The entire site uses only two color schemes – blue and pink which complements very well. Black texts are set on a white background and vice versa. The entire website contains is not loaded with high resolution images or embedded videos which accounts to the fast loading.

Font and size. The font is simple and can be easily read. The homepage uses large texts for easy reading. Aside from the fact that the white text looks bright with a light background, everything is easy to read.

In conclusion, the website is simple and easy to navigate without the hassle of loading time and annoying pop-ups or videos loading. The online marketing company showcases a well designed website worthy of its name in the industry.