Web Design Critique: Boardwalk Catering

Good visual design is more than just having a great collection of images, it’s about having a visually appealing, obstructive and unique, one that’s consistent and well constructed.

Boardwalk Catering, a Sydney wedding catering company, got some of the points, with a straightforward black and white site with images providing splashes of colour.

In terms of layout, the site is straightforward enough, with a header-image-body layout, with the bottom of each page reserved for contact info and the company’s hashtag, #Board walk Catering. The header covers the important bases; Home Page, information about the Sydney wedding catering service, Catering services provided, Venues, and the like, and it even comes with a link to the company’s blog.

It’s worth noting that the site also doesn’t have any log in or similar account options, with the Contact page acting as the means of communication with the catering company, which asks for contact info and details about the event potential visitors are looking to have catered. It’s a one-time thing though, with customers needing to fill out the form again for a new event or any alterations.

As for the body, the site sports fairly verbose and descriptive black text, which is actually not as easy to see in contrast to the white background. Font size is on the smaller side, and rather thin, so it can be hard to read for some people. There’s also some minor grammatical errors in the text, which isn’t too bad, and is barely noticeable, though that is due, in part, to how much text there is and how compressed they are.

The real standout in the site are the images; bright, colourful and vibrant photos of stylish events with well-catered food, presented for visitors to see. It gives a great idea of what to expect when they hire Boardwalk Catering. The images even act as links to other pages, at least some of them, while some are just for visual flair. They’re all really well done, definitely worthy of social media likes and shares.

Which is why it’s sensible that the site put such stock into them. It’s not unjustifiable that they focus on the images, but the real issue that the site runs into is that they put too much stock into them. Note how the site is professional, and straightforward, almost to the point of feeling mechanical, not helped by the text in the site. The images are the only splash of colour in the site, and it could definitely use a bit more.