Web Design Critique: All Trees Perth

All Trees Perth is a local business offering Perth tree services such as tree removal, tree lopping, pruning, stump grinding, wood chipping and hedging. In terms of searchability, the website www.alltreespert.com.au appears on the first page of Google search engine when you use the keywords “Perth tree services”. It needs more optimization though in order to be the first result and not just on the first page.

Looking at usability, the entire website is easy to navigate and first time visitors won’t have an issue exploring the pages. All the links and tabs are working and loading time for each page is fast. The website is stable overall which is important for a business if they want their customers to keep coming back. Users will easily find the services they are looking for as everything has its own page under the Services tab. Even the equipment used is listed for the benefit of the clients.

When it comes to navigation, there is a hamburger menu at the top of the page which simplifies things. Links to the services are also located at the bottom of the page so visitors won’t have to scroll back up. There is a “Get Free Quote” they can click on at whatever point they are in the home page because it is animated and follows the scrolling action.

As for the website’s design, the layout is very simple but it is effective in engaging the customers. The background is white all throughout which makes reading easy. The color scheme used is also consistent which follows the company’s logo. This creates a professional look while highlighting important features. There are no annoying pop-ups or advertisements within the website whichis good for user experience.

The home page contains a lot of information about the business, what they do and the quality of their work. The only downside is that there are too many texts which could have been shortened into brief and concise sentences.

Overall, the website which offers Perth tree services is simple, easy to navigate and fast loading. It is effective for a business to attract more customers and to ensure they come back again.