Web Design Critique: Absolute Party Hire

Absolute Party Hire, a firm located St. Peters, Sydney, is home to various products and equipment used for events, parties and functions. Clients can book the party hire in Sydney if they wanted to rent marquees, chairs and tables, and linen among many other products. They also have equipment for rent such as coffee machines, dance floors, lighting system and many more. The company website can be found at http://absolutepartyhire.com.au/.

First impression is very important in a website because it will determine if the user is going to stay or leave. Upon seeing the website, it is important to know what it is all about, the people it caters to and the owner. Looking at the website of Absolute Party Hire, one can determine right away what it offers because of the products highlight on the homepage. They are categorized with images and links to the page. The banner image and the title alone leave no room for questions and it is essential for a successful business website.

First time users will not be confused because it is easy to navigate. There are appropriate tabs located at the top of the page and links to the products are also provided. One thing the website can do to improve is to put a search bar for those who wanted to search for what they are looking for and do not want to be bothered checking the entire list.

One look at the visual and design of the website, it channels a professional and clean look. It follows the solid design strategy and the fonts and texts are easy to read. Ample spacing is placed in between images and paragraphs to make it look cleaner and no clutters that can be distracting. Another plus point is the responsive design of the website which is important for those who are browsing using their smartphones or devices with smaller screen size.

Content is very important in a website. The beautiful layout will be useless if the content is not valuable. In the case of Absolute Party Hire in Sydney, the content is just right for the design. Not too much and not too little. Every product has a dedicated page that describes and explains it to the client without having to go to the actual showroom. Overall, the website is fast loading, easy to navigate and professional looking.