Web Critique: www.plenty.com.au

About Plenty

Plenty is an online financial adviser that offers a free comprehensive financial plan to its clients. The company helps its clients set goals as well as budget and assist in achieving them. The rates of the fees of Plenty are low compared to the other companies in the industry. The company is composed of a great team of professionals that possess excellent credentials in their area of specialization. The abled team of Plenty has earned a credible reputation from their clients who are satisfied with the services they offer.

Searchability. The keywords “financial advice online” do not lead the user right at once to the website of the company. Adding the word “plenty” to the keywords makes the website appear on the first page of the Google search results on the third, fourth, and fifth orders.

Usability. Looking at the first page of the website alone does not immediately attract users because of the lack of written information about the company. However, the video provided compensates this lack. A little more enticing words are quite needed to attract users upon opening the website. The existing manner of information on the website could be better displayed in paragraph form to make them clearer and understandable. However, the contents on the drop-down menus on the “Area of Advice” menu are clearly stated.

Navigation. The menus on top of the page are horizontally arranged with some drop-down menus on some of the pages. The menus at the bottom left-hand side of the page are different from the menus on top of the page. It might be better to put the same menus on top and at the bottom of the page for easier navigation.

Design and layout. The design of the website is simple with minimal colours. It can be enhanced by creating a more attractive layout with vibrant colours and writing more interesting words about the company’s profile.

Contents. The contents on the first page of the website of Plenty does not give so much written information about the company except for the video. Most of the users are immediately attracted by what they see in writing. Possible improvement can still be done to achieve a better write up of the company profile.