We Design Critique: www.thesalilhotel.com

The http://www.thesalilhotel.com/ is a Sukhumvit hotel that guarantees the best rates in a fabulous destination. Located in one of the chic neighbourhoods in Bangkok, all the favourite amenities are within reach. The atmosphere is nice and welcoming with friendly staff that will ensure your comfort.

First impression

The first time you arrive on the site, you will immediately be impressed by the web design’s sophistication. You will be greeted by a pop up that lists down the exclusive benefits of booking through the hotel website. Since it is very likely that you are looking for information before making a booking, you close the pop up and arrive at interactive content slider that presents the fabulous areas of the hotel. Although there is a horizontal navigation menu at the top of the page, the information provided in the homepage is enough to convince a user to book directly with the website. The way that the website has been designed immediately gains an impression of professionalism, reliability and luxury.


The horizontal navigation is well organized with simple words that are easy to understand for any traveller. It is very easy for a user to find the information he seeks because navigation is presented in a very efficient manner. However, the homepage presents more than the adequate information that a user seeks before making a confident decision. Since there are three hotels, a user is given a choice on the destination that satisfies his desires. Since travellers who access the site do not often have the time to spare to browse the site, the content slider will save their time and efforts.


Content is broken into big blocks to make it easy to read and understand. The colours used were chosen carefully to be both soothing and chic. All the elements are organized in an efficient and attractive way to gain the attention of visitors. Colour, size and space were designed to be appealing to the eyes and yet create a fully functional web page. The guest reviews is a nice touch because it emphasizes the friendliness and hospitality of the staff to make the hotel feel like a home.