Using Customer Reviews For Advertising

One of the most effective ways to build credibility for the brand is to have a positive reputation among customers. What your customers are saying about your products and services are being seriously considered by consumers when making a confident purchasing decision.

How to use reviews for marketing

  • There are dedicated pages for testimonials but it does not mean that you cannot highlight a favourable review on the landing page. This way, visitors will be constantly reminded in a non-intrusive way that your business is held in such high esteem.
  • Customer reviews can be incorporated on your brochures, sell sheets and other marketing assets where information about the business is shared to potential customers. It will give the business that extra nudge of credibility.
  • Customer reviews can be displayed in the pricing packages to justify the prices of your products or services. Potential customers will see the value of doing business with you and consider it worth the investment.
  • One highly favourable review can make a lasting impression among visitors to your site. Highlight the positive review in your videos so that people who are watching will know about your brand.
  • Showcase the favourite reviews in your blog. Customers will appreciate the fact that you value their opinions. Next time, it will be easier to ask for a review.

A digital marketing agency shares the king kong advertising review in YouTube to reach more people. People nowadays prefer to watch videos than read texts because they are entertaining and informative. The review video is a subtle reminder that clients are happy with the service.