Time To Give Your Website A Critique

Do you have your own home and land packages perth website? Are you looking to do an effective critiquing of your website? You need some imagination to do this. Take off your administrative hat and put on the client’s hat. Put your shoes on the people who will visit your website. How will you react when the website is frustrating to use, ugly and not informative at all. You will probably close the website and move on to another site. Be honest when giving critique. Here are some of the things that you should look for when critiquing your website.

  • Does your website have CTAs? CTA stands for call to action. The call to action buttons are one of the common features that cheap websites miss. These are very crucial to the ability of your website to generate leads. If data analysis on your website reveals that there are plenty of people visiting your website but there is no increase in sales, the problem might be in the lack of call to action buttons. You would want to place the CTAs strategically on every page of your site. But what if you have CTAs and still are not bumping on great sales. Well, it is time that you change them up.
  • Can site visitors locate your contact information easily? One of the first things that website visitors look for when they visit your website is your address and phone number. And if you make it difficult for people to find your contact information, they will not take time to be hassled. Is your contact information buried somewhere? Do you make your clients fill out something that is very annoying in order to contact you?
  • Does your website look professional? Even if you created your website from platform like Squarespace, WordPress templates, you have to clean it up. Do not add cheesy and unprofessional animations. Refrain from using inappropriate fonts. There should also be in auto-play music. Even if you are in a tight budget, it will always pay off to invest in professional photos or purchase stock photos.