The Benefits Of Using WVD For The Remote Workforce

Before the coronavirus pandemic, it was rare for companies to allow their employees to work remotely except for some special situations. Today, working from home is the new norm. It is not as difficult as it seems because of the advances in technology that allows employees to get the same job done no matter where they are.

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a perfect tool that companies can use to allow remote work without the need for multiple apps and log-ons. By using WVD, employees can accomplish remotely the same work they had to do inside the office. WVD offers a wide range of benefits for both companies and employees.

  • Quick and cost-effective deployment – WVD can deliver apps and desktops from the cloud. It allows online services through Window’s 10 Edge Browser that supports modern web standards like improved HTML5 and CSS support. Frequent updates are also allowed for rapid application development across the enterprise.
  • Simplicity – The entire 0365 workload including Microsoft Teams can be used online without the need for VPN or multiple log-ons. Work can be accessed from any HTML5-capable browser or IOS and Android mobile devices including Chromebook, laptops, desktops and thin clients. Older Relational Database System can be replaced with WVD for faster log-on speeds with a more familiar Windows-look and feel.
  • More managed service – Desktops can be provided to remote and temporary employees to centralize and simplify the delivery of applications using a single interface without the need for close monitoring from the IT department.
  • Improved performance – A better user experience is delivered regardless of whether the employee works at home, in the office or elsewhere. Resource-intensive apps and demanding graphics can be rendered alongside a simple task worker desktop.
  • Enhanced security – No additional capital expense is required to ensure business continuity during weather disturbances and other unfortunate events. WVD and Windows 10 Enterprise Data Protection features separate personal and corporate data.

Device setup, security and support for a virtual desktop can be handled by an experienced IT management team. The remote workforce will have access to the technology, software and support to successfully and efficiently make it through the workday.