Importance Of Collecting Feedback From Social Media

One of the new ways of collecting customer reviews is through social listening. Not all customers are willing to respond to your request for a review but they are sharing their thoughts on social media. Sometimes, they share positive experiences but they also share their frustrations. Monitoring social media is a great way to collect feedback from customers and react to their opinions.

Collecting feedback is not actually difficult as long as you have a clear goal, the right technique, and the right tools. For example, if you want to know how customers assess the website, you should probably opt for website surveys. You will also discover what customers say about your competitors.

Do not be afraid to make changes. For example, if you are monitoring social media, try changing the keywords every now and then. If you are using website surveys, try different questions and target options. Trying something new will help you achieve the desired results and learn about new issues.

It is not enough to simply analyse feedback. Learn about the products and services that people would likely buy particularly from those who never visited your website. Statistics will tell you that it is 4 times more likely for a consumer to purchase from a website that has gained positive reviews recently.

A digital marketing agency understands that not all users who have read a king kong advertising review will decide to try the service. They will compare the company with the competitors before making a decision. When they are likely to buy, they will be reminded of the favourable review that they read about the digital agency.