How To Showcase Customer Reviews And Testimonials

People are more likely to trust a review from a customer because he has no vested interest in whether a product sells or not unlike a paid advertisement whose goal is to increase sales and brand awareness. The more positive reviews that a product gets, the more trust it generates among consumers.

Most likely places to display customer reviews

  • Website’s homepage – if you display customer reviews on the homepage, they become more accessible to visitors. The reviews can be placed on the sidebars or above the headline or scattered around the site to entice visitors to click and read more.
  • Landing page – is usually designed in such a way as to convert visitors to leads. By showcasing customer reviews on the landing page, you are showing visitors how happy your customers are.
  • Testimonial page – testimonials are more detailed than reviews because they often include the actual experience of the customer. Since consumers prefer to do some research before purchasing a product, it makes sense to create a testimonials page for all the information they seek.
  • Social media – since everyone nowadays uses social media, it makes sense to share testimonials to generate interest and excitement for a product. Testimonials can be liked, shared, or commented on to create a social buzz.

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