How To Send Courier Parcel Effectively

At some point, you might need to send a package or hard copies of documents and you will need a courier company to make the sending possible. While courier companies guarantee the safety of your package, it would still be best if you exercise due diligence to ensure that your courier parcel will get to your target recipients in excellent condition.

Pack properly

In order to protect the parcel, make sure that you pack it properly such as using a durable or new cardboard then wrap it in old newspaper or bubble wrap, especially if the item is breakable. You might also want to add packing peanuts or crumpled newspaper to firm the item up. In addition, you can ask for the assistance of your chosen courier company to help you with the packing.

Check prohibited items

There are certain items that are prohibited to be sent locally and also internationally. Courier companies also have their own policies on courier parcel to accept. To avoid issues with the authorities especially when you are not sure if your items are prohibited or not, refer to the restricted item’s list posted on the website. It would also be best to declare the exact contents of your parcel for security reasons.

Utilize online quote

To find out how much you are going to spend for sending the package, utilize the online quote generator found at the courier company’s website. This way, you can pay upfront for the package and it would be a faster transaction especially if you are going to have the parcel collected from your house. Make sure that you will be accurate because there might be some penalties for giving inaccurate information related to the parcel.

Choose trusted company

Another way to ensure that your courier parcel will get to your recipient in perfect condition is to entrust the service to a reliable company. Ask your friends who may have recently sent parcels for recommendations. Find out if they were happy with the service. You might also want to read reviews and check on discussion boards to get more ideas about the service delivery of the courier company.