How To Make A Website Stand Apart From Competitors

The quality of the website plays an important role in determining the success of the internet marketing of a business. An attractive website adds value to the marketing campaign and helps in converting the viewers into successful business leads for the business. The website should have these four features in order to stand out from the competitors and attract the target audience.

Cost calculator

The website should have a free cost calculator or an option to receive a free quotation. This helps the visitors to know about the approximate cost of the boiler system. The website of, has a get a free quote button at the top of the homepage. The visitors can easily get the approximate quotation of the costs of the heating systems required for their homes, once they click the get free quote over at this website. They can compare the quotes of different companies and choose the best company offering quality heating systems at competitive prices.

Easy contact forms

The website of a business should provide contact information to the visitors. The visitors should be able to get-in-touch with the business by clicking the email address or calling the phone numbers directly from the web page. For example, the website of effective heating, has the phone number and email address at the top of the homepage. The visitors of the website can simply click on the provided links over at this website and contact the representatives of the company.

Links to social media

Apart from having a website, businesses should also create business pages on the social media platforms frequented by their target customers. Having presence on social media helps the businesses to stay in touch with their customers and to have new business leads. The website should be integrated with the social media pages of the company so that the social media users can be updated whenever there are new additions or offers from the company.

Images and videos

Viewers are more attracted to images and videos. They prefer watching pictures rather than reading huge content. Try using info graphics and high quality images that portray the services provided by the company. The website of effective heating uses high quality images that display the different services of the company and the benefits of hiring their services. The visitors coming over at this website are attracted by these high quality pictures and are interested to contact the company and hire their services.