How Large Stone Bathroom Tiles Are Formed?

Bathroom tiles can come in a variety of styles, sizes and colours. The most attractive of its variety are the natural stone bathroom tiles where the large stone bathroom tiles are derived. The tiles may cost a bit expensive, but they are actually the best.

The natural stone bathroom tiles can be broken into three varieties based on the rock type they came from – igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.

Examples of igneous rocks are granite and basalt which are used to create large stone bathroom tiles. The rock is formed by cooling magma, and once cooled, it crystallises to form a granular appearance. Large occurrences of granite are in countries like India, Brazil and Scotland. Basalt rocks are gathered from the earth. Some other countries have rock formations as well but are yet to be discovered. Said rocks are said to create ceramic bathroom tiles.

Formed on the earth’s surface and at the bottom of sea surfaces are sedimentary rocks which contain limestone. It is created in two forms – the first by compacting mineral and organic material like dust, stones, dead animals and plants, or bits of rock weathered away. Over time, the sediments are deposited to the top of the stack. Pressure increases and the water in the stack is squeezed out leaving a dissolved mineral behind. The minerals serve to bind the sediments.

Sedimentary rocks are also created through crystallisation of dissolved minerals. They appear in shallow sea or lake waters whenever it evaporates. Once it evaporates, it will leave behind a dissolved mineral to settle down at the bottom of the sea or lake and form sedimentary rocks. This is where limestone can be formed, which can come in light or neutral colours.

Metamorphic rock includes slate, quartz, marble and coal, which is also used to create large stone bathroom tiles. It’s a combination of both igneous and sedimentary rocks that have changed its form due to extreme heat and pressure in the earth’s crust.

The three rock types may be used to form large stone bathroom tiles and may cost expensive. If you invest in these types of bathroom tiles, you need to allocate a bigger budget rather than choosing ceramic or porcelain tile. However, you can expect a result that is most appealing to the eyes.