Critique: TV Store

First Impression:

Upon entering the product page of the e-commerce site TV Store, the first thing that I had noticed is how plain the page looks like. Since the main purpose of the site revolves around the promotion and the selling of movie products, then they should have made use of a lot more color other than the plain white background that had dominated the entirety of the webpage.

In my honest opinion, the lack of color had made the whole webpage appear dull. The film industry is probably the most colorful of all industries and if you are trying to sell movie costumes, you could’ve at least a few other colors that would help stimulate the users into buying your products. Red is particularly a good color to begin with because of its energizing and stimulating qualities.


In terms of navigation, I could say that the webpage and web designers had done a job well done. The navigation panel only consists of seven navigation buttons and all of them are quite specific which can help avoid confusion for the users. It also helps that the first navigation button expands into another columnar panel which would allow you to go through the website’s products by its types. Another useful feature used in the navigation is the placement of a search panel which can further help visitors in finding a certain item.

Layout & Design:

The webpage features a rather simple layout. Everything is laid out consecutively with no side panels or anything related to that. I can say that the best parts of the webpage are the topmost section and the bottommost section since they contain special features that could enhance the potential for business such as call to actions. I also liked how they added a section for product recommendations.


Overall, the webpage has been designed effectively for the purpose of product promotion and sales although they could have done a much better job if they used a little more creativity by adding life to the webpage through the use of additional colors that would stimulate and energize potential customers.