Critique: Ribbons


Upon entering the homepage of, the first thing that had caught my attention was a regular sized carousel or slideshow. This 2015, it can be said that carousels are slowly losing their relevance in the world of web design because they have been overused in countless of websites today. In fact, most websites would place a carousel for no reason. However, the carousel placed in this webpage is slightly different from the regular carousel you see in other websites. This is because instead of regular images, what is featured in this carousel are actually links to the blogs that the website has posted throughout their years as a website. Not only is this a good use of space but it is also good for marketing purposes and SEO as well.

Aside from the carousel, I had also noticed the lack of design in the website as well as the overabundance of the color green (moss-green).


In terms of the navigation, has a relatively simple navigation panel. In fact, there are only six navigation buttons in the panel. The first one is of course, the traditional home button which is then followed by a ‘shop ribbon’ button where visitors will be directed to a page exclusive for showcasing and selling the products offered by the website. The four remaining buttons are the gallery, tutorial, featured ribbon, and about buttons.


The webpage is not really that large so you wouldn’t exactly see much of a layout. The topmost area is occupied by the company logo, of course, as well as the navigation panel along with a social media panel at the topmost right corner.

Following that is the carousel which we had talked about. After that, the bottommost area is occupied by three different sections. Two of these sections feature a blog posted by the website and the last section, which is located in the right, features the latest articles posted by the website.

In terms of design, there isn’t really much to critique. They should probably use more color because ribbons are meant to be colorful and since that is their main highlight, then they should probably make an example of that.


Aside from the lack of color and design, it is obvious that the website had focused mainly on SEO and the blog aspect to promote their products. They should probably provide more visual content for the viewer’s eyes to enjoy. Other than that, everything is fine as it should be.