Critique: Pro-Jett


When I had first entered the homepage of the plumbing company Pro-Jett, the first thing that had caught my attention was a live carousel of movable images that had occupied an extensive portion of the upper area. When it comes to service promotion, carousels can be quite effective. Unfortunately, they are also an outdated trend. A lot of websites are now using carousels and because of this, people don’t actually pay attention to them anymore so I suggest that they minimize the space used in the carousel.

I also think that the designers used to little colors. For the most part, professional companies should only make use of minimal colors but a plain white background makes everything else look dull.

The content used in the homepage, however, proves to be an effective tool in promoting and winning the businesses of potential customers.


The navigation aspect of the homepage mostly revolved around three navigation buttons. In the navigation panel, you will see a button that leads directly to the homepage, a button that would take you to a page specifically made to highlight the previous projects that the company has accomplished and a third button will take you to a page that you can use to contact the company.

The simplistic element used in the navigation makes good user experience.


The content placed in the homepage is good enough to convince potential clients but the way they are placed in the page may not. There is also too less designs. The homepage lacks a creative element that would energize its visitors.

The layout mainly consists of the uppermost area where you can find the navigation panel and the logo and a middle area where you can find information regarding the services offered by the company. Below this section is another section meant to introduce the company. Lastly, the bottommost area features a call-to-action, a social media panel and the areas covered by the company.


The homepage of Pro-Jett ( mainly features a simplistic design but they could do much better if they add more color and creativity in their homepage.