Critique: Bee Academic Tutoring


When I had first entered the homepage, I could easily see the overall purpose of the website which is something related to education and learning. It didn’t take long for me to learn that the website is all about offering tutoring services. The first thing you would see in the homepage is a carousel placed beside a call-to-action. Carousels don’t actually serve much purpose nowadays but in the case with this website, the carousel has proven to be useful in informing first time visitors as well as stimulating them to continue on with the rest of what the website has to offer.

The homepage as a whole is very simple but it doesn’t stray far from professionalism. The simplicity had actually added to the overall appeal of the website.


In terms of the navigation, it is rather complex compared to other websites. The navigation panel only consists of four navigation panels, mainly the home button, the contact button, a button for the tutoring services they offer, and a subject button where people could see the subjects offered by the website. Out of these four, only the home button is not expandable. The rest are able to expand into another set of navigation.

Although it is slightly complex, it actually makes things a lot easier.


The layout is pretty basic. The topmost section has been occupied by the company logo and the navigation panel and below it is the carousel that takes up a good portion of the upper section. Beside the carousel is a call-to-action and below them is pretty much everything that the website has to offer. The middle section has been dominated by the services offered by the company as well as details and information regarding the company itself. They have also made use of expandable content to save up on space. The last section is where you’ll find the social media panel.

The design of the website has heavily relied on simplicity, using only a plain white background. The simplicity, however, did not affect the website negatively in any way.


It is safe to say that the homepage of Bee Academic Tutoring has been well-built by the designers. I had found no problems that require immediate solving and my overall experience was a positive one.