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      • 產品名稱:
      • 思泰克Sinic-Tek S8030
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      • Sinic-Tek S8030
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      • ??????
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      一、S8030 series Product description and specification:
      1、Programming phase modulation contour measurement technology(PSLM PMP):Sinic-Tek A patent for invention,Its unique programming structure grating USES software to set the cycle of the grating;The mechanical drive and transmission parts are cancelled,the precision and application range of the equipment are greatly improved,Avoid mechanical wear and maintenance costs。The precision printing solder paste in SMT production line is 100% accurate and 3d measurement。
      2、Sinic-Tek patent Synchronous structured light technology resolve the shadow effect of the 3d detection of solder paste。Combining with RG 2d source, the high contrast substrate is processed perfectly,like a Black base,Ceramic substrates etc.。Use red, blue and green light,Provide color 2D images;
      3、High resolution image processing system:Ultra high frame number 4 megapixel industrial CCD camera,fit high-end camera,Support for the fast and stable detection of 01005 solder paste。Meanwhile, the detection accuracy of 10um, 15um, 18um and 20um is provided,fit  customer's requirements for product diversity and testing speed;
      4、Quickly Gerber  lead-in and program software,Implement the fastest 5 minutes of programming in  peers;labor Teach help user Programming and testing when  haven’t  Gerber data;
      5、Z-axis real-time dynamic profiling:PSLM’s feature Provide real-time dynamic tracking of the warping change of PCB,Perfect solution of flexible circuit board and PCB warping problem。
      6、Statistical Process Control(SPC):real-time SPC information display,Full and diverse SPC tools,The user can  monitors production problems in real time,Reduce defects  by poor printing of solder paste。Provide the operator with powerful  control support, let the user at a glance;
      7、Repeatability of equipment <<10% (6 Sigma)。

      二、Hardware and software configuration:

      ·         Parameters
      ·         Product Describtion ·         Standard Model
      ·         Series ·         S8030
      ·         Measurement Principle ·          3D white light PSLM PMP(Programmable Spatial   Light Modulation,commonly known as moiré fringe technology)
      ·         Measurements ·         volume,acreage,height,   XY offset, shape  )
      ·         Detection of Non - Performing Types ·          (missing print ,insufficient  tin, excessive tin, bridging, offset,  mal-shapes, surface contamination
      ·         Camera Pixel ·         4M , 5M as option
      ·         Lens Types ·         telecentric lens
      ·         Lens Resolution ·         15um,(18um/16.5um/13.5um as option)  
      ·         FOV Size ·         30*30mm
      ·         Accuracy ·         XY Resolution):1um;高度(Height):0.37um
      ·         Repeatability ·         height:≤1um (4 Sigma);
          volume/acreage:<1%(4 Sigma);
      ·         Gage R&R ·         far less than10%
      ·         FOV Speed ·         0.4s/FOV
      ·         Quantity of Inspection Head ·         Single Head ,(Twin-Heads as optipon)
      ·         Red Green Blue/RGB Three Colors Option Light Source ·         standard  configuration
      ·         Mark-point Detection Time ·         0.5sec/piece
      ·         Compensation Plate Bending of Real-time Lift in Z-axis ·         standard  configuration
      ·         Maximum Measuring Height ·         ±550um (±1200um as option) 
      ·         Maximum Measuring Height of PCB   Warp  ·         ±5mm
      ·         Minimum Pad Spacing ·         150um (pad height of 150um as the reference)
      ·         Smallest  Measuring Size rectangle:150um;圓形(round):200um
      ·         Maximum Loading PCB Size ·         L460xW460mm
      ·         Thickness of the PCB ·         0.4-7mm
      ·          Height Limitations of the Parts ·         up:30mm  down:40mm
      ·         Board Edge Distance ·         3mm , multifunctional clip   edge  as option
      ·         Flixble or Fixed Orbit Setting ·         front   orbit  (back orbit as option)
      ·         PCB傳送方向 PCB Transfer Direction ·          left to right or right to left
      ·         Orbit Width Adjustment ·          manual , automatic as option
      ·         SPC Statistics ·         Histogram;Xbar-R Chart;Xbar-S Chart;CP&CPK;%Gage  Repeatability Data;SPI Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports
      ·         Gerber & CAD Data Imput ·         support Gerber format(274x,274d),manual Teach mode   (manual Teach model) ;CAD   X/Y,Part No.,Package Type etc. imput .
      ·         Computer Types ·         HP server
      ·             Computer Configuration  ·         CPU ·         Intel 4-core
      ·         RAM ·         24G  (32G as option)
      ·         GPU ·         2G discrete graphics(4G  as option)
      ·         Hard Disk ·         1T 
      ·         DVD+RW ·         standard    configuration
      ·         Operating System  ·         Windows   7 Professional (64位    64 bit)
      ·         Equipment Dimensions and Weight ·         1000x1000x1525mm;865KG
      ·          Power ·         220V、10A
      ·         Air Pressure ·         4~6Bar
      ·         Power (Start / nornmal) ·         start:2.5kw   / normal operation:2kw
      ·         Loading Requirements of the Floor ·         600kg/m²
      ·         Options ·         multifunctional clip edge, Camera Barcode, 1D / 2D Barcode scanner, Badmark function, print closed-loop control, Rework Station, UPS continuous power supply 、ultrasonic sensor 
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