About Us

If you have been spending some time at forums and social media, you will find some conversations associated to web design critique. There are web designers who are asking feedback on their design projects so that they can improve the site design and provide online users a good experience. Even those who are experienced enough need reviews because it makes them a better designer. With this in mind, we at OGG Help are proud to announce that we are providing web designers a venue to submit their work so that it can be critiqued by our community of usability experts and web designers.

After OGG Help has critiqued some web pages at the request of web designers, we have been getting a growing number of similar requests from the design community. We decided to recruit a few designers who are willing to review web pages so that we can start on this place for designers who need our feedback. This is how OGG Help started and we are inviting you to submit your web project and have it reviewed by your peers.

If you have a design you want us at OGG Help to review, please share us a link to your work including your name and email so that we can communicate with you. We will be sharing the review with the world so that you will get exposure while gaining feedback from our community. Our team at OGG Help aims to help you optimize your site’s usability and increase your conversions. You can also connect with other web designers to gain their reactions to your design.

However, make sure that you can take criticisms because sometimes reviews can be hard and demanding on your errors. Always remember that reviews are not personal and their objective is to help you improve your work. Never think that your work is a failure but focus on what is wrong with the site so that can it can be improved. After all, web design critique is the purpose why you are sharing your design. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at www.ogghelp.com.