Time To Give Your Website A Critique

Do you have your own home and land packages perth website? Are you looking to do an effective critiquing of your website? You need some imagination to do this. Take off your administrative hat and put on the client’s hat. Put your shoes on the people who will visit your website. How will you react when the website is frustrating to use, ugly and not informative at all. You will probably close the website and move on to another site. Be honest when giving critique. Here are some of the things that you should look for when critiquing your website.

  • Does your website have CTAs? CTA stands for call to action. The call to action buttons are one of the common features that cheap websites miss. These are very crucial to the ability of your website to generate leads. If data analysis on your website reveals that there are plenty of people visiting your website but there is no increase in sales, the problem might be in the lack of call to action buttons. You would want to place the CTAs strategically on every page of your site. But what if you have CTAs and still are not bumping on great sales. Well, it is time that you change them up.
  • Can site visitors locate your contact information easily? One of the first things that website visitors look for when they visit your website is your address and phone number. And if you make it difficult for people to find your contact information, they will not take time to be hassled. Is your contact information buried somewhere? Do you make your clients fill out something that is very annoying in order to contact you?
  • Does your website look professional? Even if you created your website from platform like Squarespace, WordPress templates, you have to clean it up. Do not add cheesy and unprofessional animations. Refrain from using inappropriate fonts. There should also be in auto-play music. Even if you are in a tight budget, it will always pay off to invest in professional photos or purchase stock photos.

Website Critique: Bathrooms And More Store – www.bathroomsandmorestore.co.uk


When I had first entered the website of Bathrooms and More Store, the first thing that had caught my attention was the large image of a vanity unit strategically placed at the center of the page and occupying a large portion of the uppermost area which I then realized was part of a carousel or a slideshow of images. In my honest opinion, I believe that the carousel had no definite use in the website other than for introductory purpose. I also think that the web designers could have made use of other tactics that would prove more beneficial to the business such as a call to action.

In terms of the logo, although it was simply made I can say that it had attached itself quite well with the website.


The navigation in this website is slightly more complicated than most websites. The reason for this is that it had made use of a number of navigation panels that are placed in various areas of the website. There is a slightly smaller navigation panel which has the five general navigation buttons common to all websites. It is placed at the right side of the topmost area of the page just above the search panel. The second navigation panel is located above the carousel and features six buttons, all of which pertains to a type of product the website is offering. The last panel is placed at the left side of the middle area and is placed vertically and features a more complicated set of navigation buttons similar to the second one.


The website mainly features a simplistic design but the overall layout is slightly different from the usual. The colors that were used are all neutral colors of blue, white and black. The content follows the grid-style popularized by Pinterest.

Beside the navigation panel and occupying most of the middle section is feature savings that the website is offering. Below that you would find some of their deals as well as the reviews they got from customers. The bottommost area centers on providing information about the website as well as some social media icons to connect with social media platforms.


The website is wonderfully built and the only problem I had found is with the carousel and the loading speed. My only recommendation is to improve on those two.…

Web Design Critique: Good Storage Leeds

First impression
Nobody will be confused about the purpose of Leeds storage. The site appears reliable and friendly and is backed up with a solid call to action. The homepage is always the most important page of a site and the designer has seen to it that is conveys a good impression to the user who is searching for Leeds storage. The site effectively makes use of color, fonts and graphics that is consistent on all the pages.

The links in the navigation bar are self-explanatory and it brings the user to the page he seeks in the shortest time possible. The navigation bar at the top of the homepage is consistent on all pages which means that user will not be confused or get lost while looking for information. Navigation at the bottom of the page allows the user to check on other important details about the site. Navigation is extremely functional and it serves a quick link to more information.

The choice of white and blue is a winner because it is a popular color that is not overly serious or somber. Blue is also the favorite color of more than half of the world’s population because it looks trustworthy and dependable. The extensive use of white as background makes reading relatively easy particularly since the site offers more than the usual information. It is also worth noting that the design is responsive and works well on the small screen of mobile phones and tablet computers. The core message is maintained on the mobile version. On the whole, web design has met its goals rather well.

Content provides a site an opportunity to market its services to the audience that happens to be people who are looking for Leeds storage. High quality content is instantly available for all users and it is interesting enough for a visitor to continue on browsing the site. Content certainly fulfills all the needs of users looking for information. It is not a sales promotion but an effective method of helping a user make an informed decision. It looks like the goal of the web designer is to provide the audience with a discreet and subtle message without being too promotional. …

Website Critique: UglyChristmasSweater.com

Upon entering the website, UglyChristmasSweater.com, I was immediately bombarded with an assortment of images of ugly Christmas sweaters, in a good way. You can quickly tell what the website is about. The products were prominently placed in the homepage, a good way of showcasing what the website has to offer and convincing potential customers to make a purchase. I had also noticed how small the logo of the website is. I believe that the logo of a website represents its identity and purpose and I feel as if the website builders should have made it a lot bigger.

The navigation aspect of the website is smooth like silk. It is user friendly without frustrating the website visitors with complex navigation. The navigation panel mainly consists of nine buttons and leading the panel is none other than the home button. The second button in the panel is the one that leads to the online shop where people can choose from a variety of products that the website is offering. The rest of the buttons in the navigation panel mainly focuses on the user-shopping aspects.

The overall design is good. The designers have stuck to two colors which are light green and white. The website itself gives a Christmas-y feeling which is a good thing since they sell Christmas sweaters. I also admire the simplicity of the website. Simplicity is probably one of the most user-friendly trends in the world of web design today. The layout and the content of the website are also very well thought of. Everything is where it should be. On the right part of the topmost area of the website you would be able to see the total amount of the items in your shopping cart. The middle area of the website shows a series of sweaters and various other products and the bottommost part has been made exclusive to explaining what Christmas sweaters are and what the company is all about.

The website has been excellently built and if there are some improvements needed, it would be on the website logo. They would need to make it a little larger in order to better promote their brand.…

Optimax Website Review

Today, the website we’ll be making a brief review for is the website of Optimax, which is a company that isn’t shy about telling you the cost of laser eye surgery in Belfast.

About Optimax
Optimax is a UK laser eye treatment specialist. Founded in 1991 we have performed over 380,000 treatments and have clinics nationwide.

We have recorded over 600,000 aftercare results on our centralised database and we offer approximately 800 treatment appointments each week. Our popularity and success enables us to bring affordable eye correction treatments to more locations across the UK than ever before.

Optimax is actually the market leader in the UK when it comes to laser eye treatment with over 120 clinics across the country.

First Impression
The homepage really looks neat and clean by using only minimal amount of colors. The color choice was also minimalist by choosing colors that aren’t too bright or flashy to the eyes. The homepage seems to be telling you “Hey you, call me! Or book a consultation with me” because, as soon as you open the site, the company’s number is one of the first few things you’d see. There’s also a callback option beside the number and a free consultation panel next to it.

Navigating through the website is easy. Options pull down as soon as you scroll through the navigation panel. The content of the navigation panel is not too shabby as well. They provide their potential patients with all the information about them—from information on eye and lens surgery, treatment costs, the names of their surgeons, and their clinic locations. They even have special offers available under the ‘Treatment Cost’ tab. Patient testimonials are also available on the bottom part of the page.

The site has the right amount of plugins compared to a lot of websites today that would stuff and flood their pages with every kind of plugin available. The homepage has a slideshow of photos and marketing ads, which aren’t painful to look since the color scheme used complement the whole color scheme of the site. A silent video that lasts a few seconds is also available on the bottom part of the homepage. I stress the word ‘silent’ because this is a website about eye surgery. They want you to use your eyes rather than your ears.

Membership Account
Apparently, you can sign up for a membership account …

The Simple Yet Effective Website

Paper Mart retail bags have proven to be long lasting and are a great help in conserving the environment. If you visit papermart.com, they have a wide array of uniquely designed and well crafted products.

Papermart.com is an e-commerce business which has successfully pooled in audiences and customers because of the website’s unique theme and designs. Thanks to the website developers who have devoted ample time in brainstorming and coming up with the best look for the website.

In order to keep your audience and potential customers glued into your website, you need to keep your website presentation simple to them and easy to use.

Simplicity rules
You need to focus on the essential elements to place in your website. When ascertaining what to place in your homepage, you should keep in mind that this page should immediately satisfy the thirst of your audience for the topic that they are looking for. Surprisingly, there are a lot of websites that fail to achieve this and the result can be devastating. When unimportant content and elements are spewed over your website, this will leave your readers uninterested. They will certainly hit the close button.

As a website developer, it can be difficult oftentimes to prioritize and be objective in placing the contents in your webpage. Everything just seems to be essential. If you want the design of your website to be simple, you need first to identify where you need to focus. This means that you need to place the focus only on very important and relevant things.

The 80-20 rule
Ask yourself what 20 percent on your web page will give an 80 percent value and content to the people who visit your website? It could be the feedback from consumers and other social proofs like testimonials and assign up form or some call to action button. Every website has different need so you first need to evaluate what is really applicable with your website. On your website, you should only be displaying 20 percent of website elements that delivers 80 percent of usefulness to users. This way, your website becomes effective and efficient.…

Web Design Critique:http://www.tiffanybrooksinteriors.com

First impression

A visitor will be greeted will lots of color but it is very impressive.  There is no question about the creativity and artistry of the web designer. In some sites, the use of too much color can overwhelm the visitor but in this site, the colors match with the theme of the site. The designer has made sure that the visitor will immediately recognize the site as a source for interior decoration services. This is more of a personal taste but the design seems successful.


One of the first things that you will notice is navigation that has been effectively placed on the top of the page with black text on white background. It is an exact contrast to the colorful image of the homepage. When you click on the about button, you will be greeted with a huge amount of information and colorful images about the interior designer. The pictures on the slideshow provide the visitor with more than enough information about the site and its owner. Navigation is simple and user friendly and the web designer has ensured that a visitor will continue on browsing the site because of the amount of information it provides.


Most of the problems of many websites is lack of information. A visitor often loses interest because there is nothing to offer aside from images. However, the Tiffany Brooks Interiors has come up with secondary pages that will satisfy the need for information. It tells the story of the design process in a very interesting manner. The secondary pages have been designed effectively with consistency and organization. Content is neatly categorized and presented in a white background that makes reading fairly easy.

The aesthetics is clean and current and goes well with the theme of the site. The design is responsive and the site works well on the smaller screen of a mobile phone. There is no question about the talent and expertise of the web designer and I am amazed at the efforts made to gather together a lot of interesting content for a visitor. It is a good piece of design work.…

Web Design Critique: http://www.zazzle.com/shop

First impression

http://www.zazzle.com/shop is an online shop that specializes in gift solutions. The homepage is simple with an extensive use of white background so as not to distract the attention from the items on sale. A visitor will be greeted by 20% discount off on all orders with an overwhelming 60% off for Christmas items in July. The offer ends tomorrow which means that the visitor must hurry up to enjoy the discounts. Offering discounts to customers is one of the surest ways to gain interest from online audiences. While web design got this right, there is lots of room for improvement.


The navigation bar at the top of the page is simple and looks easy to use. Each of the sections is clearly segmented and it is very easy to search for gift items. This is duplicated in a nice and organized way further down the page. Navigation at the bottom of the page is decent but I would suggest a darker color for text on white background. When the site is accessed on a desktop, text in light blue color on a white background looks pretty easy to read but not when accessed on the small screen of a mobile phone. However, the responsive design of the site looks good on the mobile phone and the simple design encourages the user to continue on browsing.


Each of the sections is clearly defined and there is no reason why a visitor will get lost. Nothing on the homepage looks out of place because the web designer has ensured consistency in the design. However, the blue text on white background makes the site feel so unexciting. There is the feeling of looking at a blue sky with white clouds on a good day. It feels entirely wrong. Adding some more color will make the page more effective and interesting. The visuals are attractive enough but the white background fails to give them more emphasis. The design is too simple making it feel so lifeless. A few changes in color will help the site standout from the competition. Attractive colors when not overdone will always help in keeping visitors interested.…